Franco Raineri


The wedding day is an unparalleled day for a couple. For me, being able to convey an emotion through a photo shoot, capturing details and atmosphere, lights and shadows, emphasizing the spontaneity and beauty of subjects with absolute naturalness, is one of the things that makes my job very special! Every couple and every marriage that I illustrate is different, but in spite of their diversity, each story is linked by a common denominator: the attempt to grasp the reality and revive at any time, with the same emotion and intensity, all the memories of one of the best days of life..

I’m a wedding photographer specialising in reportage style.

My passion for photography was born almost by accident many years ago when I had in my hands a camera and began to print images in black and white, ignoring that what I was living as an “enjoyable hobby” would become my profession. Over many years of experience, marked by important meetings with top professionals, the growing curiosity to seize opportunities to learn something new and improve has helped me and addressed in the selection and redefinition of my photographic style.

My photography is what I am.

Telling in pictures has always been my instinct and my passion, marked by a continuous and constant search for “uniqueness”. I love the evocative and communicative power of photography and the vivid sensations that this can causes. Spontaneity, elegance, simplicity are the elements that characterize my style. To capture every moment of your wedding, to create unconventional shots, with a careful and unobtrusive approach is perhaps the best expression of my passion because it approaches your emotions and my feelings. A way of working that allows me to take spontaneous and natural photographs

I like to imagine myself as a narrator who, with every single click, manages to capture a bit of history, a whole universe, in which the naturalness and simplicity are prevalent. Seizing every little aspect to create great images is my goal, to tell an intimate vision of lights, colours and emotions of such an important day.

I am available for wedding and destination wedding throughout Italy and the world.


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