Since long time I wanted to work out this job, an elopement out of ordinary, in a place out of time made of almost fairytale atmosphere. I got this chance thanks to a dear friend and collegue Giuseppe Di Natale (You can find more pictures of the elopement on his Blog, When I got there, I could barely believe it, everything was just perfect, a photographic set created artisticly by nature itself, where light and space coexisted in a almost embarrassing armony. Actually a perfect place for a photographer. I met Alessandra and Ahmed the same day of their own wedding, two amazing guys, she’s a dancer and he’s a Dj. They told me that Ahmed’s dream was about to feel excactly the same smells and to be fascinated by the same atmosphere that his granparents had the chance to live in the most beautiful day of their lives, their wedding. They also got married in the middle of a forest, Ahmed’s granfather use to work the wood, and with his wife he worked and he lived the biggest part of his life into the forests, in a wild places, far away from the hustle of the city. Since long time Ahmed’s desire was to show those feeling and those magic places to Alessandra and be able to pronounce, right there with Her, that “yes, I do”. For the wedding they choose a very simple and casual outfit, even in this they wanted to keep the line style related with the place. Alessandra and Ahmed got married with two important friends to them, the celebration has been done in the sawmill side, between old machines that once were used to cut wood. You could admire the contrast of the rust on the gears and the smell of the wet wood. The ritual has been celebrate by a local resident, also a carpenter. In the end of the ritual Ahmed and Alessandra, with their friends, decided to have the party in a local tavern, with beer and products of that land, and finding theirself immersed in the atmosphere and in the typical flavors of the place.