Eshan and Aida, two Iranian boys who are very close to their land but have been fascinated by our beloved Scilla, place that they met thanks to two of their dear Calabrian friends, choosing the evocative location to celebrate their wedding. They chose to do so inside the magnificent Castello Ruffo, a fortification that stands on a rocky promontory that overlooks the Strait of Messina and allows you to enjoy an enviable view: sea and mountains of two lands that look at each other without ever overlapping. Ideal location to celebrate a refined and romantic love. A tradition-oriented, light and engaging marriage. The emotion on the faces of the couple during the ceremony is evident. I was pleasantly impressed by their desire to choose a place far from their homeland, Iran, but still keep alive the traditions of their country. They decided to celebrate their marriage in the Palazzo Kratais in Scilla, and there together, before the ceremony, they set up the room with elements of their tradition. Even that was a moment of great tenderness, it is not usual in our tradition that the bride and groom meet before the ceremony. Surrounded by their dearest friends who have “overwhelmed” them with their energy and their affection, making a so important day unique and special. Eshan and Aida, thank you for putting your trust in me and thanks for choosing my land, I am honored. I sincerely hope that your dreams come true.

  • Hair Stylist and make up Artist: Medusa Arte nei capelli
  • Flower: Flor de Lis
  • Location: Palazzo Kratais di Scilla
  • Location Ceremony: Castello Ruffo (Scilla)