When two friends get married is always a big party and it’s always exciting to illustrate the best day of persons who are so close to me… Nando, in addition to being my most faithful collaborator, represents an important reference in my life. Giada, an elegant and expressive bride. Unparalleled shots made in the magical setting of the lagoon excite us, telling everybody the day experienced by this young, fun, exciting and in love couple, in one of the most beautiful landscape in Italy, a place of moving beauty: Venice. A magical and amazing location, which with illusions of coloured water tells its transformations and deformations, its wealth, its tradition and its disturbing seductiveness. During the shooting Venice welcomes us with a freezing and humid climate. With fascination, visual and emotional strenght, without neglecting any detail. With refined and emotional style… this post wedding wants to tell with attention and discretion the best moments of the day experienced by Nando and Giada. Moments full of excitement and joy. Smiles, complicity, caresses melt through the alleys of the lagoon veneta, in the magnificence of Piazza San Marco, passing through the Grand Canal until you get to Burano, the island of colors. The naturalness and spontaneity of these images will remember forever a truly unique day to this gorgeous couple.