“Love, dream, irony, courage, passion … here’s the ingredients chosen to be mixed skilfully, with a handful of healthy madness and laughing eyes, to knead life and spice it perfectly…” I want to start telling you about this couple, or perhaps better to define it a “happy family” which has as its strength a beautiful child and lived an incredible load of emotions on their wedding day. A great story. Peppe and Ylenia represent the perfect couple. Beautiful, young, cheerful, madly in love… walking together next to each other. That is why that day everyone was there… Lots of friends. All enjoyed and moved, mingling at a party where I was there too, ready to set in memory and to tell every moment of this day when everything was spotty but comical, romantic yet fun, liked but random. After having gathered the guests in the small but very friendly church Santa Maria Odigitria, Peppe and Ylenia exchanged promises. He visibly moved, with a shiny but timid look, overcome by emotion seeing what he had so often dreamed becaming probably true. She… bride and mom, bright and glowing, in a simple but elegant white dress. And then there was Ninì who, with the sensitive and candid eyes of a child, participated with curiosity and liveliness, making more emotional this special day. Laughters, toasts, improvised dances… and most importantly… lots of complicity and madness, this “happy family” gave birth to moments of wonder, excitement and joy. I hope this couple never change and remain… genuine, affectionate, ironic, crazy… but especially in love.